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Virulence of the Pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis Is Controlled by the CRISPR-Cas Protein Cas3 was the American Society for Microbiology’s “Editor’s Pick.”

American Society for Microbiology

Frias-Lopez presents

The Oral Microbiome and Cancer

Dr. Frias-Lopez presented at AAOM 2020 on The Oral Microbiome and Cancer. The publication inFrontiers in Immunology reached a milestone 500 views in just five days.

AAOM Conference

Congratulations to

Chelsea Kopp

Congratulations to UFCD student Chelsea Kopp, DMD Class of 2023, for her award at IADR 2020.

Chelsea Kopp IADR Award



Behind the Paper

Dr. Jorge Frias-Lopez was featured on NaturePortfolio’s Microbiology Community website with a contributing piece: ‘How bacteria respond to human stress.’

Behind the Paper Nature Research Microbiology Community


UF college of Dentistry release

Dr. Frias-Lopez & Team Link Cortisol to Periodontal Disease

Imbalances of the microbiome could lead to a series of different diseases, and one factor that has been shown to lead to an imbalance of the microbiome is exposure to psychological stressors.



Featured in

Genome Medicine

‘Defining functional signatures of dysbiosis in periodontitis progression’ was a Genome Medicine Research Highlight and in the Faculty 1,000

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UF College of Dentistry Release

Frias-Lopez Studies the Ecology of the Human Microbiome

According to the Human Microbiome Project, in the body of a healthy adult, microbial cells are estimated to outnumber human cells 10 to one. This makes human microbiome a research field of high importance, and one that Dr. Jorge Frias-Lopez specializes in.

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