Oral Biology Department Resources

Confocal Microscope

The spinning disk confocal consists of a Leica inverted fluorescent microscope with a Yokagowa spinning disk confocal scan head and a Roper Cascade II EMCCD 512b camera set up for live cell 3 channel fluorescent imaging, with both realtime and time-lapse imaging capabilities. This microscope has a temperature controlled stage and objective heater for long term live cell imaging. The microscope stage is computer controlled in X, Y, and Z which allows us to perform multi-position time-lapse experiments. We also have an Eppendorf semiautomatic microinjection system attached to the microscope.

For reservation and fee information for this instrument, please contact Misty Griffis.

Luminex 200

The department houses a LX200. For instrument training and reservations, please contact Shannon Wallet, Ph.D., Associate Professor in Oral Biology, For technical information about the LX200, please visit the following links: