A Taste for Controversy (pdf)

After discovering “supertasters,” Linda Bartoshuk is pushing to change how psychologists evaluate subjective experiences such as taste and pain.

Modern Psychophysics and the Assessment of Human Oral Sensation (pdf)

Psychophysical measures of experience have played a fundamental role in our understanding of sensory and hedonic processes.

Food Acceptance and Genetic Variation in Taste (pdf)

Why do we eat what we do? Consumers report “taste” as an important influence when selecting foods.

Associations Between Taste Genetics, Oral Sensation and Alcohol Intake (pdf)

Alcohol produces a range of oral sensations, some of which have been shown to vary with the perceived bitterness of 6-n-propylthioracil (PROP) one marker for genetic variation in taste.


Damage to Taste (Otitis Media) is Associated with Dysgeusia, Intensified Pain Experience and Weight Gain (pdf)