Diversity, Inclusion, Health Equity & Access

At the UF College of Dentistry, we prioritize being a community that reflects rich cultural and ethnic diversity. We strive to create an inclusive, supportive and respectful climate that embraces and values diversity — acknowledging that with diversity, we gain a broader foundation of strength, wisdom and creativity.

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Antidiscrimination Statement

The University of Florida and the UF College of Dentistry are firmly committed to fostering an environment free from discrimination. The college values human dignity, racial, ethnic and cultural diversity, and equality of opportunity. Therefore, we have instituted official internal reporting processes, as well as outlined a formal complaint process, to ensure we handle all situations efficiently and methodically.

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IDEA Workgroup

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access Workgroup, composed of seven faculty and three staff members, ensures the continued cultivation of a model academic and environmental culture in which differences are invited, recognized, appreciated and valued. The workgroup strives to foster understanding, collaboration, professionalism and leadership through open communication and positive interactions.

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our Leadership

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Dr. Patty Probert

Probert, who boasts a Ph.D. in counselor education, has led the college’s Office for Student Advocacy & Inclusion since 2014, and prior to that was the Director of Student and Multicultural Affairs.

Dr. Patty Probert

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Cecil White, Jr. Scholars Fund

The Cecil White, Jr. Scholars Fund was established recently to support students who have demonstrated a commitment to breaking down barriers, and including and welcoming individuals from underrepresented ethnic or socioeconomic groups that are also underrepresented in the dentistry profession.

Dr. Cecil White Jr.

DMD class of 2025

Destiny Corbett Impact

“Growing up, I never had a healthcare professional who looked like me. However, my parents made it known that I could indeed become a dentist by working hard, overcoming barriers, and stepping into spaces that weren’t always the most welcoming with confidence. I want to pay it forward by supporting, uplifting, and encouraging other minority students to pursue higher education and medical careers. I would like to remind others that being a minority should not deter them from reaching beyond the stars. I hope to positively impact the University of Florida College of Dentistry community by implementing more diversity initiatives, celebrating minority students, and participating in mentorship opportunities. Additionally, I hope to use my enrollment at UFCD to better serve minority communities that lack access to dental care, as well as increase awareness of how social determinants can negatively impact health.”

Destiny Corbett

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EXCELLENCE IN DIVERSITY | 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

INSIGHT Into Diversity HEED Award Recipient

UFCD is proud to be an eight-time recipient of the Insight into Diversity Higher Education Excellence in Diversity, or HEED Award. In 2015 UFCD was a recipient of the HEED Award, and has received the Health Professions HEED Award every year since its inception.

HEED Advocacy & Inclusion

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While loans make up a majority of students’ financial aid packages for dental school, need-based scholarships are available. Military scholarships and various other scholarship programs, both at UF and UF Health, and outside the college, are resources for UFCD students.

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UFCD Student Involvement

The College of Dentistry is home to many national and UFCD-based student organizations, giving ample opportunity for students to become involved throughout their dental school experience. Student organizations provide a forum for scholarship, advocacy, humanitarian experiences and social interactions.

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Campus Groups & Resources

UF prides itself on its diverse and well-represented student body and embraces the differences that serve to build one Gator Nation. Through various departments, services, and programs, the University of Florida fosters an inclusive atmosphere dedicated to serve the needs of our students.

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Pipeline programs

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Pipeline Programs

The University of Florida and UF Health sponsor several enrichment programs focused on improving access to information and resources for college students interested in the health professions: The Summer Health Professions Education Program & Keys to Success.

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Chief Diversity Officer: Dr. Marsha McGriff

Inclusive Excellence is the active process of including and respecting everyone as we strive for excellence and equitable outcomes in all we do at the University of Florida. Daily actions toward Inclusive Excellence are the responsibility of each one of us.

ABCs of fostering Inclusive Excellence at UF: Advocate for everyone’s success, Be an ally to others as you partner with your colleagues on DEI work & Celebrate your successes!

Inclusive Excellence

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Office for Diversity & Health Equity

The UF College of Dentistry is one of six academic health colleges on the UF Health campus. At UF Health, our core institutional values are centered around our commitment to our patients and our role in serving our communities: Accountability, Diversity, Excellence, Innovation, Integrity, Teamwork & Trust.

UF Health is currently in the process of hiring an Associate Vice President of Inclusion, Diversity and Health Equity.

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Complaint Form

If you would like to submit a formal complaint, please do so by filling out the complaint form.