Robert A. Burne, Ph.D.

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Louis and Marge Atkins Endowed Professor
Distinguished Professor and Chair, Oral Biology
Associate Dean for Research

Department of Oral Biology
1395 Center Drive, D5-26
Box 100424
Gainesville, FL, 32610-0424
Phone: 352-273-8847
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  • Ph.D. University of Rochester, Microbiology and Immunology, 1987
  • B.S. Pennsylvania State University, Microbiology, 1981

Main Interests

The primary interests in my laboratory are in the molecular mechanisms governing the ability of bacteria that are capable of causing diseases in humans to modulate their virulence in response to environmental influences. To accomplish this, a variety of microbiological, biochemical, and recombinant DNA technologies are employed. These include the use of continuous culture techniques to tightly control growth parameters of bacteria, coupled with the use of genetically-engineered bacteria and gene fusion technology, which allows for a detailed molecular analysis of gene expression in response to specific stimuli. These systems are also being utilized for identifying and characterizing signal transduction systems and cis– and trans– acting factors controlling bacterial virulence expression. In addition, there is a major commitment to studying bacterial biofilms grown in custom-fabricated bioreactors using gene fusion techniques and confocal laser microscopy. The specific projects in the lab are focused in four major areas. The first is a detailed study of the genetics and physiology of polysaccharide metabolism and its relationship to virulence and biofilm formation by oral streptococci. The second project is a molecular genetic analysis of the role of the stress regulon in control of gene expression. The third project is a broad-based approach to understanding the genetics and physiology of ureases and arginine metabolism by streptococci and actinomycetes. The final project utilizes a multi-species biofilm model system coupled with the use of genetically engineered bacteria to explore microbial ecology and the pathogenesis of polymicrobial infectious diseases.


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