Karl-Johan M. Söderholm, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Karl-Johan M Söderholm, D.D.S., Ph.D.

Department of Restorative Dental Sciences

Division of Operative Dentistry

Center for Dental Biomaterials


UF College of Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Joint Professor

Phone: 352-392-0575
Email: ksoderholm@dental.ufl.edu

  • DDS, University of Umeå, Umeå, Sweden
  • MPhil, University of Sussex, Falmer, UK
  • OdontDr, University of Umeå, Umeå, Sweden

Main Interests

My research career started around 1970 after practicing dentistry for several years. Initially, my research focused on investigating dental amalgams and their use. However, during the mid 70s I realized and foresaw that the future of restorative dentistry would be to develop improved dental composite resins and dental adhesives.

In 1977-1978, I worked at the Scandinavian Institute of Dental Materials in Oslo, Norway, where my key responsibility was to run the different testing programs for cements and elastomeric impression materials available on the Scandinavian market. At the same time, I continued working on different composite projects.

As time has passed, my research has focused on degradation mechanisms of different filler systems and degradation mechanisms of resins. One such study was a NIDCR funded clinical study in which different degradation mechanisms were evaluated clinically. Other projects have dealt with different dentin adhesives and their technique sensitivity. During the last few years a key research interest has been to develop an understanding of the different variables affecting light-cured dental composites. A goal with that project is to develop systems that can be bulk-cured within a minimal amount of time without inducing significant stress levels in the surrounding tooth structures.

Selected Publications

  • Schwartz JI, Söderholm KJM. Effects of filler size, water, and alcohol on hardness and laboratory wear of dental composites. Acta Odontol Scand 62:102-106, 2004
  • Emami N, Söderholm K-JM, Berglund L: Effect of light power density variations on bulk curing properties of dental composites. J Dent 31:189-196, 2003.
  • Schulze KA, Zaman AA, Söderholm KJ. Effect of filler fraction on strength, viscosity and porosity of experimental compomer materials. J Dent 31:373-82, 2003.
  • Jacobsen T, Söderholm KJ, Yang M, Watson TF. Effect of composition and complexity of dentin-bonding agents on operator variability–analysis of gap formation using confocal microscopy. Eur J Oral Sci 111:523-528, 2003.
  • Emami N, Söderholm KJ. How light irradiance and curing time affect monomer conversion in light-cured resin composites. Eur J Oral Sci 111:536-542, 2003.
  • Guelmann M, Bonnin S, Primosch RE, Söderholm K: Microleakage and wall adaptation of conservative restorations: an in-vitro study. Am J Dent 15:407-411, 2002
  • Söderholm K-JM, Lambrechts P, Sarrett D, Abe Y, Yang MCK, Labella R, Yildiz E, Willems G: Clinical wear performance of eight experimental dental composites over three years determined by two measuring methods. Eur J Oral Sci 109:273-281, 2001.
  • Dunn WJ and Söderholm K-JM: Comparison of Shear and Flexural Bond Strength Tests Versus Failure Modes for Three Dentin Bonding Systems Am J Dent 14:297-303, 2001.
  • Mondragon E and Söderholm K-JM: Shear Strength of Dentin and Dentin Bonded Composites. J Adhesive Dent 3:227-236, 2001.
  • Selected list of Dr. Söderholm’s publications (pdf)