Chiayi Shen, Ph.D.

Chiayi Shen

Department of Restorative Dental Sciences

Division of Prosthodontics

Center for Dental Biomaterials

UF College of Engineering

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Main Interests

My teaching responsibility is primarily with the dental materials used in prosthodontics, such as metals, impression materials, cements, denture materials, and ceramics. My research activities include surface properties of dental materials regarding surface adhesion and adherence, controlled release for dental therapeutic agents and general mechanical properties of dental materials.

Selected Publications

  • Shen C, Mondragon E, Gordan VV, Mjör IA (2004). Effect of Mechanical Undercut on the Strength of Composite Repair. JADA (in press).
  • Gordan VV, Shen C, Watson RE, Mjör IA (2004). Four-year Clinical Evaluation of a Self-etching Primer and Resin-based Restorative Material. Am J Dent (in press).
  • Oh WS, Shen C (2004) Effect of Flame Cleaning of Ceramic Surface on the Bong Strength of Resin-based composite to Ceramic. J Oral Rehab (in press).
  • Gordan VV, Shen C, Mjör IA (2004). Marginal Gap Repair with Flowable Resin Based Composites – Where is the Weak Link? Gen Dent (in press).
  • Della Bona A, Shen C, Anusavice K (2004). Work of adhesion of resin on treated dental ceramic. Dental Materials 20:338-344.
  • Patel SB, Gordan VV, AA Barrett, Shen C (2004). Effect of surface finishing and storage solution on color stability of composites. JADA 135:587-594.
  • Shen C, Oh WS, Williams J (2004). Effect of post-silanization drying on the bond strength of composite to ceramic. J Prosthet Dent 91:453-458.
  • Setcos JC, Khosravi R, Wilson NHF, Shen C, Yang M, Mjör IA (2004). Repair or replacement of amalgam restorations: decisions at a USA and a UK dental school. Oper Dent 29:392-397.
  • Mauderli AP, Vierck CJ, Cannon RL, Rodrigues, Shen C (2003). Relationship between skin temperature and temporal summation of heat and cold pain. J Neurophysiol 90:100-109.
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