Nils Magnusson, D.D.S., Odont.Dr.

Nils Magnusson

Oral Biology
Emeritus Professor


  • Odont. Dr. (Ph.D.): University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1976
  • D.D.S.: University of Lund, Malmö, Sweden, 1970
  • Certificate, Periodontology: University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 1982

Main Interests

Etiology, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. Regeneration of periodontal tissues. Human clinical trials of progression, prevention and treatment of gingivitis, periodontal diseases and caries. Clinical Trials.

Recent Publications

  • Gerlach, R.W., Sagel, P.A., Barker, M.L., Karpinia, K.A., & Magnusson, I. (2004). Placebo-controlled clinical trial evaluating a 10% hydrogen peroxide whitening strip. J Clin Dent., 15(4), 118-22.
  • Magnusson, I. , Jeffcoat, M.K., Donaldson, D., Otterbom, I.L., & Henriksson, J. (2004). Quantification and analysis of pain in nonsurgical scaling and/or root planing. J Am Dent Assoc, 135(12), 1747-54.
  • Bimstein, E., Small, P.A. Jr, & Magnusson, I. (2004). Leukocyte esterase and protein levels in saliva, as indicators of gingival and periodontal diseases in children. Pediatr Dent., 26(4), 310-5.
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  • Karpinia, K., Magnusson, I. , Gibbs, C., & Yang, M.C. (2004). Accuracy of probing attachment levels using a CEJ probe versus traditional probes. J Clin Periodontol., 31(3), 173-6.
  • Magnusson, I. , Geurs , N.C. , Harris, P.A., Hefti, A.F., Mariotti, A.J., Mauriello, S.M., Soler, L., & Offenbacher, S. (2003). Intrapocket anesthesia for scaling and root planing in pain-sensitive patients. J Periodontol., 74(5), 597-602.
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