Clay Walker, Ph.D.

Clay Walker


Department of Oral Biology
1395 Center Drive, DG-48
Box 100424
Gainesville, FL 32610-0424
Phone: 352-273-8866


  • Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 1977
  • Post-doctorate, The Forsyth Institute & Harvard University, 1977-79

Main Interests

My research program is concerned is concerned with biofilm formation and the increased resistance to antibiotics that occurs in biofilms. Using an in vitro biofilm model, we investigating mechanisms responsible of this increased resistance which is 500-1000 times greater than what occurs when the same bacterial strains are grown in lab media. We also are involved in the study of aggressive periodontitis in children and are interested in levels of metalloproteinases (MMPs) present during health and disease. These are a host-derived enzymes that participate in a wide range of physiological processes including morphogenesis, wound healing, tissue remodeling, angiogenesis and normal immune responses to infection. We are interested if the elevated production of certain of these MMP enzyme precede the clinical destruction associated with the disease progress. We also are investigating the role that bacteria in the oral cavity may have on stimulating the production of these MMPs during disease.

Recent Publications

  • Alfant, B., Shaddox, L. M., Tobler, J., Magnusson, I., Aukhil, I, Walker, C. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) levels in children with aggressive periodontitis. J. Periodontol. (2008) In Press.
  • Preshaw, P., Novak, M. J., Mellonig, J., Magnusson, I., Polson, A., Gianobile, W., Rowland, R., Thomas, J., Walker, C., Dawson, D., Sharkey, D., Bradshaw, M. Modified–release subantimicrobial dose doxycycline enhances scaling and root planning in subjects with periodontal disease. J. Periodontol. 79 (2008) 440-452.
  • Walker, C. Puumala, S., Golub, L. M., Stoner, J. A., Reinhardt, R. A., Lee, H. M., Payne, J. B. Subantimicrobial dose doxycycline effects on osteopenic bone loss: Microbiology results. J. Periodontol. Vol. 78 (2007) 1590-1601.
  • Machion-Shaddox, L., Andia, D. C., Lecio, G., Sallum, E., and Walker, C. Microbiological changes following local delivery doxycycline in smokers. A 15-month follow-up. J. Periodontol. Vol. 78 (2007) 2143-2149.
  • Sedlacek, M., Walker, C. Antibiotic susceptibilities in an in vitro subgingival biofilm model. Oral Microbiol. Immunol. Vol. 22 (2007) 333-339.
  • Walker, C., Sedlacek, M. A biofilm model of the subgingival plaque. Oral Microbiol. Immunol. Vol. 22 (2007)152-161.