Checklists, Forms & Instruction Guides

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These checklists should be used as a guide while completing new hires and transfers. Once completed, the checklist and new/transfer hire paperwork should be submitted via dropbox to the Dean’s office, D4-15.

Hiring and Onboarding

UFCD Onboarding Presentation


TEAMS Employees

OPS/Student Assistants/Federal Work Study
Grad Assistants/Post Docs/Residents/Fellows

Volunteer and Exit Checklists

College of Dentistry Forms

UF Forms

Instruction Guides

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Request a Position Reclassification

Paperwork required:

  • Instruction guide to Reclassify a Position
  • A position description update is entered in PeopleSoft
  • Send the current and proposed organizational charts to the CHR office, D4-14
  • Justification letter for pay increase (if applicable)

Request a Special Pay Increase (SPI)

Paperwork required:

  • A position description update is drafted with all changes listed in “track changes” and submitted to the CHR office, D4-14, with all required paperwork listed below
  • Follow the instruction guide to Update a Position and initiate workflow
  • Current and proposed (if applicable) organizational charts to the CHR office
  • SPI form with appropriate signatures to the CHR office
  • Justification letter for pay increase (if applicable)
  • This request must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, Department Chair, Dean, Senior VP of Health Affairs and VP of the Office of Human Resource Services
  • Once approved at all levels, an ePAF form is entered by the dean’s office, effective the date the vice president of human resources approves the SPI form