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Dean José Medina


Dental Advisory Committee members are appointed, under chairmanship of Dr. Robert L. Kaplan (Other members: Drs. Joc A. Sain, Jack K. Whiteman, Charles W. Fain, Paul C. Hawkins, Leslie B. Bell, Benford Samuels, John A. Stewart, J. Leon Schwartz, Louis J. Atkins, Peter E. Dawson, Curtis A. Haggard, Robert B. Hughlett and Wallace C. Mayo).

Florida Legislature fails to pass capital outlay funds and has to ask the voters to approve an amendment to the state constitution to allow the state to sell bonds to finance construction of higher education facilities. In November the voters pass a $35 million referendum.

March » The first Alachua County Dental Professional Day is held, with the college’s faculty making presentations to local dentists.

June » The college sets up faculty offices, a four-operatory clinic and laboratories in the Surge Area just west of the Health Center.

Dr. Edmund Ackell is named provost of the Health Science Center and Dr. José Medina is appointed dean.


August » Dr. Don L. Allen from the University of North Carolina is named associate dean and chairman of the Curriculum Planning Committee.

1971 Dental Tower redesign1971

Affiliation with the Miami VA Hospital makes possible the establishment of an endodontic residency.

Under the leadership of Betty Medina, the spouses of the dental faculty organize the University of Florida Dental Guild to develop camaraderie and support the college.

Dental Science Building groundbreakingJanuary » When bids for Project I come in far above available funds, a redesign of the building is necessary (the windows are taken out) and the Board of Regents approves transfer of $4.7 million from other higher education projects to make up the shortfall.

May 22 » Groundbreaking for the Dental Science Building.


January »The college’s first advanced education program, in dental public health, is approved.

September 11 » The first class of 24 dental students enters the University of Florida.

Dr. Robert Going and dental assistant Dafney Giddeon treat a patient in one of the temporary operatories1972-1975

While the dental sciences building is being constructed, the college provides dental education utilizing a variety of temporary facilities, including teaching areas set up in the Surge Area clinics and one room in the Health Center. A rudimentary learning resources center and instructional materials center is established in Jennings Hall.

Students complete their first-year basic health science curriculum with the medical students.

Dean Allen1973

Although the federal government releases the funds for Project I, increased construction costs push the budget over the allocated state funds. A joint resolution by the Florida Legislature to transfer $3 million from equipment to construction funds allows the project to begin. Legislature pledges it will allocate $3 million to cover the equipment costs.

A dental clinic of 27 operatories is established in the basement of the Psychology Building.

The second College of Dentistry class of 24 students enters.

Dr. William Collett is named assistant dean for student affairs.

Alan Hays, a member of the charter class, wins first place in the national table clinic competition sponsored by ASDA.

June » Dr. Medina assumes responsibilities for directing Project I construction and Dr. Don Allen is named interim dean (appointed dean in Sept 1974).


Departmental structure is expanded and additional faculty are appointed.

Dr. Walter Donnenfeld, professor and chair of Division of Periodontology, provides dental therapy to a patient1969 »

  • Dr. Robert Going, chair, Division of Biomaterials
  • Dr. John Bowman, chair, Division of Complete Prosthodontics
  • Dr. David Grainger, chair, Division of Operative Dentistry; Dr, John Bucher, chair, Division of Endodontics
  • Dr. Quentin Smith, chair, Department of Community Dentistry
  • Dr. Walter Donnenfield, chair, Division of Periodontology; Dr. Richard Mackenzie, director, Office of Dental Education
  • Dr. Werner Fischlschweiger, associate professor of oral pathology
  • Dr. Arthur King, assistant professor of dental education.

1970 »

  • Dr. Harold Stanley, chair, Department of Oral Medicine
  • Dr. Parker Mahan, chair, Department of Basic Dental Sciences
  • Dr. Floyd Peyton, professor of biomaterials.

1971 »

  • Dr. Davis Henderson, chair, Division of Removable Parrial Prosthodontics
  • Dr. Harry Lundeen, director of occlusion
  • Dr. Thomas Fast, chair, Division of Oral Diagnosis
  • Dr. Ronald Baughman, assistant professor of oral medicine
  • Dr. Stanley Lotzkar, chair, Division of Special Services.

1972 »

  • Dr. John Dalton, director, Auxillary Programs and Clinical Services
  • Dr. John Montgomery, chair, Department of Oral Surgery.

1973 »

  • Dr. William Proffitt, chair, Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

Patient receiving care from a dental student as faculty oversees.1974

February »

The college is recognized as a leader in dental education with its innovative modular curriculum (which is competency-based rather than time-based) and for development of self-instructional learning packages and clearly stated behavioral objectives.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare, for two consecutive years the college hosts curriculum forums for representatives from U.S. dental schools, federal agencies and dental organizations.

July » For the first time in Florida, patients receive care from dental students.

August » The third class of 60 students enters. For the first time, students are at all levels of the curriculum.

Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternity - charter presentation1975

Psi Omega, Alpha Omega and Delta Sigma Delta dental fraternities charter local charters.

Additional administrative appointments are made:

  • Dr. Thomas Fast, assistant dean for clinical affairs
  • Dr. Davis Henderson, assistant dean for admissions
  • Dr. William Collett, associate dean

The L.M. Anderson, St. Clinic for continuing education is established with a gift from the L.M. Anderson Company, L.M. “Billy” Anderson, Buster Anderson and Marjorie Anderson Gay.

January » Formal organizational structure into 13 departments is approved by the Board of Regents:

  • Basic Dental Sciences
  • Community Dentistry
  • Dental Biomaterials
  • Dental Education
  • Endodontics
  • Occlusion and Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Operative Dentistry
  • Oral Medicine
  • Oral Surgery
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Removable Prosthodontics

February » The college is once again recognized as a leader in dental education.

Drs. Fast and Allen with the first patient in the permanent building.

July » The College of Dentistry finds a permanent home as it moves into the newly completed 12-story Dental Sciences Building. Even though the entire building has not yet been approved, special permission is given to occupy the first floor clinic.

August » The first patient is treated by dental students in the permanent College of Dentistry building.

September » Faculty and staff move from 10 different areas around the university and Gainesville into the Dental Sciences Building. For the first time, faculty, staff, students and programs are housed under one roof.