Anesthesia & Sedation Committee


This committee consists of the chairs of each college department that has direct patient care programs or responsibilities, the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Quality Assurance, the Associate Dean for Advanced and Graduate Education/Director of the School of Advanced Dental Sciences, and two residents elected by the committee’s members. The committee chair will be appointed by the dean. The committee’s recommendations are provided to the dean for final approval and action. For more information, please refer to the college’s Constitution and Bylaws.

Standing Committee Charge

It is the responsibility of this committee to ensure the safety of college patients by establishing, updating and evaluating processes, policies and procedures for the administration of conscious sedation and deep sedation in all college clinics. In addition, the committee is tasked with the credentialing of conscious and deep sedation for college faculty providing sedation services and with developing and providing the standard of training for all college students and residents.