Classroom & Conference Room Information & Support

Attention C1-9 Presenters from COD:

You must wear the lapel microphone during your presentation in order for the Mediasite Recording Unit to capture your voice.  There are no room microphones!  Presentations without the lapel microphone will be discarded.

Please click here for instructions on how to access the dental Shared Drive (All UFCD) from computers in other HSC buildings.

For questions, contact Instructional Support: 273-6589

Classroom Scheduling

  1. Check classroom availability on Outlook Proxy Scheduling
  2. If your desired classroom is available, contact the Office of Education at 352-273-5950 to reserve it
  3. To make a Mediasite, Distance Learning or Teleconference Request, send Instructional Support an email.
  4. D8-46 – This classroom’s primary use is for videoconferencing and distance learning with UF College of Dentistry offsite locations. Videoconferencing will be given first priority in scheduling over meetings, events, and lectures when scheduling in this classroom. College of Dentistry business activities take precedence over non-business (i.e., party) activities. In the event that there is a need to schedule a business activity by the department when a non-business activity is currently scheduled, the department liaison should contact the office of education or instructional support at least one week prior to the activity if possible, to arrange for a new scheduled time for the non-business activity. All requests must include the name, phone number and email address of the requester, as well as the name of the group and the purpose of the meeting.
  5. After use, classrooms should be returned to the condition they were found. Please dispose of food, beverages, and recyclables in the proper receptacles before leaving the room.

Conference Room Scheduling

To reserve a time in a conference room, set an appointment in the Outlook calendar.

Important Information Regarding Internet Access

If a guest or presenter will be using UF’s network for the first time, please see the following webpage for helpful information on how to access the interet: UF Wireless Network FAQ

Non-UF presenters are encouraged to use the UFvisitor wireless network during their time at College of Dentistry.  UFvisitor is for temporary access by people affiliated or conducting business with UF and UFHealth who do not possess a UFID or Shands ID.  Access will last for one week.

Classroom Support Staff

Educational Resource Manager

Michele Cooley

  • Pager: 352-413-8383, Room D3-42A or D3-15 (Sim Lab)
  • Support for Sim Lab supplies/ laboratory, Junior-Senior Lab arrangements

A/V Specialist for Classroom Technology Support

Ben Mertz

  • Phone: 352-273-6589, Room D8-34
  • Support for Videoconferencing/Distance Learning (DL), AV Quotes, Video production, Mediasite and Turning Point

Classroom Support Assistant

Kleada Novak

  • Phone: 352-273-5699, Room D8-34
  • Support for Classroom technology and Mediasite recordings

Communicore Classroom Support

  • Phone: 352-273-5058, Room C1-14

Classroom & Smart Podium Tutorials

Classroom Supported Hardware and Software

Unless otherwise noted, classrooms and conference rooms have the following supported hardware and software:


  • Computer/DVD player
  • Overhead projector
  • Document camera
  • Laptop cable
  • Internet access


  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2007-13

Conference Rooms
Location Capacity Additional Equipment/Information
DG-41 32 Equipment instructions for room DG-41
D4-16 24
D7-35 22 Equipment instructions for room D7-35
Location Capacity Additional Equipment/Information
D1-9 20 Submit a Help Desk ticket to check out a Turning Point receiver

  • It displays in 4:3 (fullscreen), not widescreen.
D1-26 35
D3-3 95
  • Equipped for classroom presentations or videoconferencing
  • Smart podium
  • Mediasite
  • Turning Point 2008
  • Please note:  First Generation MacBook Pro laptops do not display properly in this classroom.
  • D3-3 has ZoomIt installed on the room computer. Please refer to this training video if you are interested in using it! (By the way, the other two videos it refers to are this and this, but they are not essential viewing.)
D3-15  (SIM Lab)
D3-21 30
D8-11 16
  • Smart podium
  • Turning Point 2008
D8-46 43
  • Equipped for classroom presentations or videoconferencing
  • Smart podium
  • Mediasite
  • Turning Point 2008
  • Food & drink allowed
MDL-6 84 Equipment instructions for MDL-6
Location Capacity Additional Equipment/Information
D3-15 84
CG-29/MDL 6 84
  • Turning Point 2008
  • Food permissible

Classroom & Conference Room Resources