Faculty Awards

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Excellence Award for Assistant Professors

UF offers Excellence Awards for Assistant Professors to 10 awardees each year; our college is eligible to receive one of those 10. Awards are focused on junior faculty and recognize excellence in research. Each award is a one-time allocation of $5,000 in support of research that can be used to fund travel, equipment, books, graduate students, and other research-related expenses.

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Spotlight on Dental Education Series

This UFCD program honors and celebrates faculty who have demonstrated teaching excellence at UFCD, in conjunction with the Teacher of the Year awards. The Spotlight on Dental Education Program has two award categories: Exemplary Teaching and Sustained Exemplary Teaching. Eligible faculty may be nominated by their department chairperson or peer and will participate in a college-wide competition for recognition.

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Academy of Distinguished Scholars

The Academy recognizes faculty who have excelled as teaching scholars throughout their careers and who are committed to involvement in the development and implementation of programs that enhance UF’s ability to improve its high level of academic excellence. Recipients of this honor are bestowed a lifetime membership. If selected, and at the conclusion of a three-year induction term, scholars will retain the title of Distinguished Teaching Scholar and continue to be a part of the Academy.

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Preeminence Term Professorship

The UF Foundation Term Professorships Program awards two Term Professorships each academic year, representative of UF’s commitment to invest in faculty members whose work is transforming lives. Eligible faculty members must have substantial research assignments and outstanding records of accomplishment, and the duration of each professorship is three years.

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Research Foundation Professorship

University of Florida Research Foundation Professorships are awarded to tenured faculty members who have a distinguished current record of research. The purpose of these awards is to recognize recent contributions and to provide incentives for continued excellence in research. Full-time Associate and Full Professors who are tenured at the time of the award and who have been on the UF faculty for at least five years (as of May 1 in the year of nomination) are eligible. 

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Faculty Enhancement Opportunity (FEO) Award

The FEO Central Review Committee encourages applications for creative and flexible faculty development activities, including, but not limited to: educational experiences/conferences, work with consultants/experts, time devoted to intensive writing or creative work or activities in support of a new direction for one’s scholarly work. Awards are available to all full-time faculty in the Health Sciences, IFAS and the College of Law, and other faculty who are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement.