Nine UF AHC Superior Accomplishment Awards Winners

Guelmann Sobers Garcia Gilbert
From left: Marcio Guelmann, Kelly Sobers, Isabel Garcia and Abel Gilbert.

Congratulations to eight College of Dentistry staff members and one College of Dentistry faculty member for winning UF Superior Accomplishment Awards in Division 5 and receiving well-deserved recognition for their outstanding service, demonstrated efficiency or economy in their work, or creating an impact on quality of life for students and employees. UF Superior Accomplishment Award winners are nominated by supervisors, peers or customers, with outstanding letters of support submitted on their behalf.

Each recipient earned a $200 cash award and advances to compete for the university-level awards to be in the mix for eight $1,000 and eight $2,000 cash awards.

The college is fortunate to have a wealth of talented and dedicated professionals on our team. We are grateful to the many people who took the time to nominate and write letters of support for our 2022-2023 Superior Accomplishment Award winners.



  • Abel Gilbert | Assistant Director of Admissions | Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Marcio Guelmann, D.D.S. | Professor & Chair | Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Steve Kostewicz
Stephen Kostewicz


  • Stephen Kostewicz | IT Analyst III | UF Health IT (Kostewicz is a member of UF Health IT but was nominated and supported by staff and faculty members of the UF College of Dentistry in recognition of his years of ongoing dedication to supporting the IT needs of the college.)
  • Kelly Sobers | Assistant Director of Communications | Deans Office

Award winners from Naples
From left: Ricardo Mendoza, Yohana Hernandez Clemente, Adriana Gaviria, Maria Davila de Gonzalez, Yunielvis Diaz Prats.


  • Maria Davila de Gonzalez | Clinical Programs Director | Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science (Naples)
  • Yunielvis Diaz Prats | Dental Hygienist | Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science (Naples)
  • Adriana Gaviria | Dental Hygienist | Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science (Naples)
  • Yohana Hernandez Clemente | Dental Assistant I | Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science (Naples)
  • Ricardo Mendoza | Dental Assistant II | Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science (Naples)

The college’s Dentistry Outreach Team is housed in the NCEF Pediatric Dental Center in Naples, and they watched this year’s Superior Accomplishment Awards Ceremony via livestream from Naples.