Calibration, Collaboration and Communication with UFCD External Rotation Faculty

2023 Courtesy Faculty Calibration

Thank you to 16 courtesy faculty who attended the 2023 Annual Faculty Calibration on April 21 that included dentists from seven community dental centers that are part of the UF Statewide Network for Community Oral Health.

“These courtesy faculty members play an integral role in the educational experiences of UF dental students during external rotations in dental centers throughout the state, helping create a well-rounded dentist that is adept at providing oral health care in varying circumstances to a diverse patient pool,” said Jaana Gold, D.D.S., Ph.D., M.P.D., C.P.H., who coordinates rotations for UFCD.

Each  year, the UF College of Dentistry hosts an all-day meeting in Gainesville for these courtesy faculty members who supervise dental students on rotation, ensuring they are following procedures and protocols that align with UFCD’s curriculum and expectations. UFCD dental students often express that it is one of their favorite parts of their senior year and many go on to focus on careers in community oral health or spent a great deal of time volunteering to help ensure there is access to care for underserved people in their community.

The 16 courtesy faculty members provide oral health care for patients at Community Health Centers in Apopka and Winter Garden; Langley Health in Sumterville; Aza Health Eastside Dental Clinic; Acorn Dental Clinic; Santa Fe Community College Dental Clinic in Gainesville, St. Petersburg Dental Center, and Palms Dental Clinic in Trenton. Palms Dental Clinic is the newest participant in the network and will begin student rotations soon within the next few months.

Attendees spend the day reviewing updates to manuals and procedures, discussing changes and experiences, and providing feedback to UFCD program coordinators. Gold coordinated the day’s agenda that included bloodborne pathogen and needlestick protocols, a cariology and clinical operative update, as well as a clinical prosthodontics update.

Gold said, “It was wonderful day with many interesting discussions and we are all looking forward to next year’s calibration.”