UF Day of Gratitude

day of gratitude explainerThe University of Florida will celebrate a Day of Gratitude Wednesday, Oct. 12, recognizing the challenges overcome by students, faculty and staff during the pandemic and celebrating an aspirational and optimistic future.

Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, UF has experienced unprecedented momentum in the past two years, surpassing its goal to achieve $1 billion in research spending, achieving and maintaining its top-5 ranking in U.S. News and World Report and launching a university-wide education and research initiative focused on artificial intelligence. Those achievements only lay the groundwork for the meaningful work ahead.

“I am incredibly grateful to all of our faculty, staff and students for their dedication and commitment to their work amid the pandemic and all its challenges,” said Fuchs. “Thanks to them, the university has excelled in its education, research and service missions. We have great people and we have a great university community.”

At the UF College of Dentistry, we have many thing to be grateful for – please enjoy a sampling of our thoughts below.

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Day of Gratitude

Day of Gratitude

Day of Gratitude