UFCD Research Awards – March & April 2019

Congratulations to UF College of Dentistry researchers who received funding for projects in March and April 2019.

“Access to preventive dental care for children in the United States”Photo of Dr. Scott Tomar

Scott Tomar, UF PI
Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science

Georgia Institute of Technology
NIH-NIDCR  R01DE028283

$169,360  for Five Years

“Wearable technology infrastructure to enhance capacity for real-time, online assessment and mobility (ROAMM) in intervening health events in older adultsDr. Roger B. Fillingim

Roger Fillingim, CO-I
PRICE-Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science
Todd Manini,
Center for Aging and Clinical Research

Subaward NIH/NIA R21AG059207
$36,720 for Five Years


GibsonEffect of SutroVax cocktail to prevent Porphyromonas gingivalis-elicited oral bone loss-efficacy #2”

Frank Gibson, PI
Oral Biology

Sutrovax, INC

$150,000 for One Year




DaveyEffect of SutroVax cocktail on Porphyromonas gingivalis biofilm formation and gene expression”

Mary Ellen Davey, PI
Oral Biology

Sutrovax, INC

$150,000 for One Year



Robert CaudleExploring neuropeptide guided botulinum light chain for use in blocking pain transmission”

Robert Caudle, PI
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
The Facial Pain Foundation

$232,057 for One Year




Mapping the T cell receptor/antigen complex and identifying the genetic-based treatment in Sjögren’s syndrome”

Bhattacharyya, NeelIndraneel Bhattacharyya, CO-I
Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Cuong Nguyen, PI
Vet Med-Infectious Disease & Immunology

Subaward NIH/NIDCR R01DE028544
$71,660 for Five Years



Photo of Marcelle NascimentoUniversity of Florida Research Foundation Professorship Award”

Marcelle Nascimento
Restorative Dental Sciences

$3,000 for Three Years

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UFCD Office of Research

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