Wallet Featured in the AADR’s Strides in Science

Dr. Shannon Wallet
Shannon Wallet, Ph.D.

University of Florida Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Shannon Wallet, Ph.D., is featured in October’s American Association for Dental Research, or AADR, publication Strides in Science.

Wallet, an associate professor in the college’s Department of Oral Biology, first joined the UFCD faculty in 2006 after earning her Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina in 2005. Wallet has published over 70 papers and co-authored two book chapters, as well as held reviewed articles for 11+ journals. Her research interests are focused on mechanisms associated with altered innate immune functions, which lead to dysregulated adaptive immunity.

In her Strides in Science interview, Wallet discusses first hearing about the AADR, and its promotion of research in the fields of immunology and oral inflammation.

“The first time I heard about the AADR was when I was getting Ph.D. in oral biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,” she recalled. “I joined as a student member and I’ve been a member ever since. Then I was recruited to the University of Florida to perform research on the epidemiological link between poor oral health and diabetes. It was during this time that I really became involved, as AADR has always promoted amazing research in the field of immunology and oral inflammation. Here I fell in love with overall oral immunology and integrated into this research niche. Through these interactions, I also became a student research group advisor and began really engaging students into dental research.”

To read Wallet’s full Strides in Science interview, head over to the AADR’s website here.