Acid Etch Talent Show, Baking Competition Benefits Super Sealant Saturday

The University of Florida College of Dentistry hosted its annual Super Sealant Saturday fundraiser Acid Etch on March 28. While Super Sealant Saturday, set for April 8, benefited from the baking competition and talent show Tuesday evening, an auditorium full of faculty, staff, friends, family, colleagues and classmates benefited from the high-quality entertainment provided by nine special performances as part of the show.

On behalf of the UFCD Dental Ambassadors, students Greta Smidt & Lauren Weir organized the 10th annual performance of Acid Etch. The show brought in $1,100.00 to help offset the cost of Super Sealant Saturday.

2017 Acid Etch Photo Gallery

“We throw Acid Etch in order to raise funds for Super Sealant Saturday,” Smidt explained. “While the sealants and all of Super Sealant Saturday is free to the children of Alachua County, it is a UFCD student-run program that does cost money for the school on the back end. The talent show is a fun way to get the students and faculty out to help offset those costs.”

Hosted by “The Patels” this year, and judged by Dr. Marc Ottenga, D.D.S., the beloved Lorie Primosch, M.Ed., and Dr. Neel Bhattacharyya, D.M.D., Ph.D., the night provided non-stop quips, raffle prizes, laughs and entertainment.

Anand, Darshan and Rachit Patel — AKA “The Patels” and hosts of 2017 Acid Etch.

“Acid Etch doesn’t only serve as a fundraiser for Super Sealant Saturday either,” Smidt said. “It serves as a way to make our dental community a lot more tightly knit. We get to feature some of our students who have hidden talents, which are not just confined to psychomotor skills in the sim lab. It’s always a really fun event every year. We’ll be back next March, so everyone get ready!”


  • 1st Place: Monica Iskander & Andrew Fagin, “Rise”
  • 2nd Place: The Impressionists | Fitz J. Brooks & Claire Sayoc, Shaina Henriquez, Irene Bevan, Abby Gruspe, Gabrielle Klatt, Tommy Kwak, “EVOLUTION: D1234”
  • 3rd Place: Mark Coons, “I am the Highway”


Marcel Fundora, D1
  • Live Painting, Oleum on Canvas
Sean Lan & Greta Smidt, D1 & D2
  • “Stars Fell on Alabama”
Mark Coons, DDS | Pediatric Resident
  • “I am the Highway”
Rachel & Sarah Killam, Pediatric Dentist & Speech Pathologist
  • “Unsteady”
The Tricuspid Dance Group, D2
  • Jenna Shuman, Sara Rifai & Natalie Acevedo
  • Hip Hop/Zumba Dance
Mark Zavala, D1
  • Cello Suite No. 1 in G major BWV 1007
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
Greta Percha, D2
  • “GFMTB”
Monica Iskander and Andrew Fagin, D4
  • “Rise”
The Impressionists, D4 & D2
  • Choreographers: Fitz J. Brooks & Claire Sayoc
  • Dancers: Shaina Henriquez, Irene Bevan, Abby Gruspe, Gabrielle Klatt, Tommy Kwak
  • “EVOLUTION: D1234”

The University of Florida College of Dentistry will host its third annual Super Sealant Saturday on April 8. The student-run event provides FREE preventative dental care and education for children aged 6-17. Children should have an appointment, arrive at their scheduled appointment time, and be accompanied by a legal guardian. Spanish translators are available.

Schedule your free Super Sealant Saturday appointment here | More information on Super Sealant Saturday