The puppets love to come out to play, entertain and educate!

On February 18, four dental students, and faculty supervisor Leda Mugayar, D.D.S., joined the Mother and Infant OHI (World’s Greatest Baby Shower Bash Expo) held at Lincoln Middle School. The team from UFCD explained the importance of oral hygiene to pregnant and new mothers using fun props and puppets to help demonstrate brush baby’s teeth.

The UFCD team also shared information about the importance of nutrition for the eruption and health of their infants’ teeth, and why mothers should refrain from putting children to bed with a bottle.

“I want to express my deep appreciation to the wonderful students that were there bringing, not only their knowledge to the community, but more importantly their enthusiasm. It’s a blessing for the UF family having students like them,” said Mugayar, a clinical associate professor in the department of pediatric dentistry.

All new and pregnant moms received free infant/toddler toothbrushes and children’s toothpaste and an Infant Oral Clinic brochure, to encourage the mothers to establish a dental home for their child.   Pictured left to right are: Jenna Shuman (D2), Michelle Thomas (D4), Christine Volkmer (D2), Dr. Leda Mugayar, and Latosha Harris (D3).