UF SNDA students share Lessons in a Lunchbox

16 SNDA Spring web

The UF Student National Dental Association (SNDA) is at it again – sharing information about healthy oral care habits with local elementary school students, this time as part of celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month in February.

On February 18, a group of dental and pre-dental students from the University of Florida took the Lessons in a Lunchbox program to all second graders at Joseph Williams Elementary School in Alachua County. As part of the program, all of the second grade students were given a special oral health lunchbox.

“The elementary students were extremely happy and thankful for the lessons we shared,” said ArNelle Wright, a member of the UF DMD class of 2017 and vice-president of UF SNDA.

Lessons in a LunchboxThe SNDA volunteers divided into groups of five so they could cover all second-grade classes at Williams Elementary. In each classroom SNDA members showed a video focusing on proper brushing and flossing techniques that featured Charlie Brown. Then each class broke into small groups and took turns at three different stations.

The elementary students practiced brushing and flossing, and discussed how and when to brush for the most effective results. At a nutrition station, they placed an interactive game that helped them identify which foods are good and which are bad for their teeth. And at a “thank you” station, they wrote cards to the Children’s Oral Health Institute for providing the lunchboxes and coordinating the educational program.