Drill N Fills win UF intramural softball championship

15 DMD softball team smallThe Drill N Fill UF women’s softball team drilled* the balls and filled* the bases on April 8, winning the UF intramural softball championship by a huge margin* with a score of 18-3. The team, comprised of sophomore and junior dental students, and one UF pre-dental student, have enjoyed playing in the UF league against other teams all semester but were especially pleased to win the championship.

Congratulations to all the players in the league and especially to the members of Team Drill N Fill, shown here with their championship t-shirts.

Photo, clockwise from left: Rachel Killam (D3), Karin Schey (D3), Eva Dupay (D2), Kira Santos (D3), Eugenia Monaghan (D3), Stephanni Kailing (D3), Sarah Killam, Jensen Walker (D2), Claire Rosebrough (D3), Jackie Dorociak (D3), Samantha Resnick (Pre-dent).

* We apologize for the blatant use of dental terms in this story but we couldn’t help ourselves. ~ Editor