DMD Class of 2018 learning the ropes

Phone_082814 1740The members of the University of Florida College of Dentistry Class of 2018 spent the first week of the first semester of their first year in dental school getting to know one another, and themselves better.

Orientation included a activities and seminars geared toward helping the newest D.M.D. students learn about the college, how to navigate around the UF Health Science Center, expectations for the coming year, and helping them learn more about the people they’ll spend a good deal of time with between now and May 2018.

On the final day, they participated in the Low Ropes Course Challenge at UF’s Lake Wauberg. The challenge is designed to help participants foster team building and create better communications, and also to simply have some fun.

In one exercise the students were blindfolded and had to navigate an “obstacle” course guided only by the voice commands from a student partner. The trouble was that everyone was talking at the same time and it was very difficult for students to listen to their own guide – which happens in real life. The exercise builds trust, and shows the importance of listening and trusting your teammates.Phone_082814 1727

The students were asked to wear shirts from their undergraduate schools. As part of signifying that they’ve become “one” at the end of the day, the freshman received special t-shirts designed for them by the new sophomore class.