DCRU: Open and Research Ready

The College of Dentistry recently opened a Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU), as a collaborative effort with the University of Florida Clinical and Translation Science Institute (CTSI), to facilitate and encourage translational research. The DCRU provides a fully equipped dental clinical environment, which is immediately prepared to host single site and multi-center research projects for dental faculty/residents/students, as well as collaborative research endeavors with investigators from other disciplines.

“Our focus is on enhancing clinical and translational research within the college, as well as developing collaborative research with additional partners,” said Katherine Karpinia, D.M.D., M.S., an associate professor in periodontology. “We hope to build on the success of the college’s Periodontal Disease Research Center (PDRC) and also expand services to meet the clinical/translational research needs of the university and collaborative investigators.”

The newly dedicated DCRU includes eight fully-equipped dental operatories with computers and internet access, OSHA supplies, storage space, a subject waiting area and a locked, secure clinical environment, located on the third floor of the College of Dentistry. “Combined with the success of the PDRC, which includes a dental laboratory, radiography (standard and digital), three on-site ‘Good Clinical Practice’ certified study coordinators, an extensive subject database, clinic coordinator/project manager Brenda Hales, and knowledgeable, certified staff, the DCRU offers valuable resources to our college,” said Ingvar Magnusson, D.D.S. Odont Dr, a professor in oral biology and periodontology.

“We have several researchers already using the third floor clinical facility. We would like to thank Dean Teresa Dolan and Dr. Robert Burne, research dean, for their vision and commitment toward enhancing the college’s clinical and translational research as part of the CTSI and we would like everyone to know that the DCRU is available and ready for research,” Karpinia and Magnusson agreed.

The DCRU is affiliated with the University of Florida CTSI and serves as an extension of the CTSI. To find out more about the research and technical resources available, visit the DCRU website or the CTSI website. To schedule an appointment to tour the research area or for more information, call 352-273-6676.