SNDA launches “Mini Impressions” program

2011 Mini Impressions programOn October 15, the Student National Dental Association (SNDA) successfully launched the first Mini Impressions Program at the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

Mini Impressions, an offshoot of the Summer Impressions Program, targets high school students instead of college students, but the goal is the same – to expose underrepresented minorities to a career in dentistry.

“We invited four high school seniors and one junior to the dental school and gave them hands-on experience on a dentoform with waxing instruments and rotary handpieces. We also taught them how to take alginate impressions on each other,” said Myriam Jourdan, Class of 2013 and a member of the SNDA.

SNDA members from all four D.M.D. classes volunteered for the program as did Abi Adewumi, B.D.S., the faculty advisor for SNDA.

Some of our very own alumni came back to support: Latoya Jones, D.M.D., Class of 2010 and Demetrick Lecorn, D.M.D., Class of 2002.

“Their support helped make this event a huge success,” said Christina Monford, Class of 2013 and SNDA member.

The five students selected for the program are Gainesville residents who are participants in the Upward Bound program: Ryan Francis, senior; Rosemari Malu, senior; Rodnae Brown, senior; Sytonnia McHome, senior; and Jasmine Walker, junior.

The Student National Dental Association’s mission is to promote, support and encourage a promising academic and social environment for minority dental students.