Fun for all at the Bicuspid Ball!

Fun at the Bicuspid BallThe Class of 2012 hosted the college’s Annual Bicuspid Ball on Friday, April 1 at the Warehouse Restaurant and Lounge in Gainesville, Fla.  More than 200 people attended the event including students and spouses from all current DMD classes.Fun at the Bicuspid Ball

Everyone enjoyed the food, DJ and MC Rondre Bayulot, class of 2012, and a large bicuspid cake, and they danced until midnight. No ball is complete without a court so the students selected princes, princesses, plus a king and queen.
Class of 2014
Princess Haley Freymiller
Prince Ivo Bushati
Class of 2013
Princess Lorielle Alter
Prince Ronak Shukla
Class of 2012
Princess Lindsay VonMoss
Prince Nate Durstchi

Class of 2011
Queen Marilee Weaver
King Drew Hines

Fun at the Bicuspid Ball
Fortunately a photographer, Sam Brill, was on hand to record the events for all posterity (and you can see for yourself on the college’s Facebook page in the new photo album “2011 Annual Bicuspid Ball” at