Persuasion expert to discuss how attitude can change your health

Richard E. Petty, Ph.D.
Richard E. Petty, Ph.D.

A world-class persuasion expert is coming to the University of Florida to discuss how attitudes can change behaviors, particularly in terms of health habits.

Distinguished Ohio State University psychology professor Richard E. Petty, Ph.D., will discuss “The Social Psychology of Influence: Processes Underlying Changes in Attitudes and Behavior” at noon Wednesday, Feb. 9, at the DeWeese Auditorium of UF’s McKnight Brain Institute. The presentation is part of the UF College of Dentistry Dean’s Seminar Series.

Petty will discuss the basic mechanisms by which attitudes are changed. His interests include researching current societal health problems, such as smoking and consuming unhealthy foods, and how to change unwanted behaviors.

He will describe ways to overcome these behaviors and provide information about how to change attitudes, with examples of persuasion and thought processes.

He will present an overview of social psychological research on changing attitudes and how people’s thought processes can influence their ability to be persuaded, and how confidence becomes a factor in attitude and behavior.

For more information, please call Vera Barnes at the College of Dentistry at 352-273-9547.