Spring Synergy Weekend

More than 275 alumni, faculty and students attended the UF College of Dentistry Second Annual Spring Synergy Weekend on April 8 – 10. The program included several continuing education programs, research poster presentations and awards, ASDA’s Annual Vendor Fair with entertainment courtesy of The Jawbreakers, the Annual ASDA Banquet and Golf Tournament. Since the event was scheduled the same weekend as the UF Orange and Blue Spring Football game, a pre-game tailgate and some phenomenal weather rounded out the experience and made it perfect.

Everyone looks forward to the research presentations that are part of the college’s Eighth Annual Research Day during which eight students gave oral and 38 gave poster presentations in morning and afternoon sessions.

Congratulations to the winners:
DMD Division
First Place ($300)
Andrew Corsaro, Oral

MicroRNA Regulation of ASC in Immunologically Active Human Monocytes
Mentors: K. Pauley, and S. Cha

Second Place ($200)
Jordan Hester, Poster

A Novel Mechanical Operant Assay for Assessment of Orofacial Pain
Mentors: T.A. Nolan, and J.K. Neubert

Third Place ($100)
Dennis Beliveau, Poster

Timing Effects of Systemic Antibiotics in Aggressive Periodontitis Treatment
Mentors: L. Shaddox, S.M. Wallet, I. Aukhil, and I. Magnusson

MS/Resident Division
First Place ($300)
Joseph Richardson, Oral

Comparative Hard and Soft Tissue Responses to Titanium and Polymer Healing Abutments
Mentors: T. Koutouzis, and T. Lundgren

Second Place ($200)
David Mansour, Poster

Class II Etiology and Its Effect on Treatment Approach and Outcome
Mentors: T.T. Wheeler, S.P. McGorray, and C. Dolce

Third Place ($100)
Allison Harris, Poster

Does an Altered Inflammatory Response Have a Role in Delayed Masseter Muscle Repair?
Mentors: J. Morris-Wiman, T.T. Wheeler, and C.G. Widmer

PhD/Post-doc Division
First Place ($300)
Andrea C. Knowlton, Poster

Chlamydia trachomatis Infection Causes Mitotic Spindle Pole Defects Independently From Its Effects on Centrosome Amplification
Mentors: H.M. Brown, T.S. Richards, L.A. Andreolas, R.K. Patel, and S.S. Grieshaber

Second Place ($200)
Dana Catalfamo, Poster

Altered Differentiation, Activation, and Function of Type 1 Diabetic-derived Osteoclasts in the Context of Periodontal Disease
Mentors: J. Gollwitzer, and S.M. Wallet

Third Place ($100)
Edgardo Toro, Oral

Bis-enoxacin: A Novel Anti-Bone Resorptive Bisphosphonate
Mentors: V. Bradaschia-Correa, D.A. Ostrov, T.J. Wronski and L.S. Holliday