Burks Completes UF Academy

Jacob Burks, M.B.A.Jacob Burks, M.B.A., coordinator of research programs and services and assistant director of the Center for Molecular Microbiology in the Department of Oral Biology, was recently recognized for completing the UF Academy, a year-long program that provides training and leadership tools for emerging leaders at the university.

Burks first joined the university in 1981 and worked here for four years before leaving in 1985. He then returned to UF in 1986 and came to the College of Dentistry in 1990 initially in the Department of Periodontics and then moved to his current department in 1992. He has served in numerous volunteer and leadership roles at UF.  He currently represents the college on the UF Community Campaign Steering Committee as well as the UF Superior Accomplishment Awards Committee for Division 5.

Burks said he enjoys working in a research environment, finding it rewarding to be involved with people and issues affecting a broader base. As a new graduate of the UF Academy, Jacob says, “I look forward to using what I’ve gained from this experience to be more effective in my service to the college and to the university.”

Congratulations Jacob!

The UF Academy provides intense emersion into UFs organization, administration and culture through a series of meetings with high profile campus leaders such as President Machen, Provost Glover, General Counsel Adams, and select VPs, Deans, and Directors from across the campus, formal training sessions, and group activities.

In addition to further honing leadership concepts and skills, this unique program provides insight and perspective on the relationship between UF’s administrative and academic units and how that relationship influences UF’s organization, systems governance and culture. 

For more information about the UF Academy, visit http://www.hr.ufl.edu/training/leadership/academy.asp