Recruiting begins for the D.M.D. Class of 2027

Mighty Molar with local studentsIt’s never too early to steer students to a career in dentistry. The UF College of Dentistry got a jump start for the Class of 2027 when 38 second graders from a local school visited the college for some hands-on fun.

Organized by the college’s D.M.D. Class of 2011 and spearheaded by David Cardman, the event included a range of experiences for the “recruits,” plus pizza for lunch and some face time with The Mighty Molar. There were small group exercises where the children got some great hands-on experience with dental anatomy, dental radiographs, and composite restorations.

Second graders with DMD student
Old ivorine teeth, pre-prepped to mimic how cavities look, were mounted in stone cups. The children got to be the dentists and fill the “cavities.” They wore masks and gloves, used curing lights and dental instruments, and really enjoyed this part of the experience.
The children also enjoyed an interactive presentation to the group involving the sugar content of many different foods, one on the effects of sugar and acid on teeth, and another demonstrating proper brushing and flossing techniques.

“We fed them lunch, taught some cool stuff about dental health, did some great activities, and best of all, we had a blast.  Im proud of my classmates for the effort they gave and the result we attained,” said Cardman.