The first of many clinic days for the Class of 2012

First Clinic Day for the Class of 2012In January, the freshman Class of 2012 had their first clinical experience and, although it was just the first of many as they advance toward their dental careers, it marked a special day for them and for their instructors.

The class, as part of Operative Dentistry I and Biomaterials, split into two groups and rotated between Clinic 3A and the Sim Lab. In Clinic 3A the students, in groups of three, took turns being the patient, assistant and the dentist. They performed clinical exams and applied fluoride varnish. In the Sim Lab the students learned to apply pit and fissure sealant on extracted teeth.

Guiding the students through the experience were Dr. Marcelle Nascimento, the director, and Dr. Karl Soderholm, the co-director for the course, as well as Faculty from the Operative Dentistry Department.

“I believe this was the first time in the history of the college that freshman students were able to have this early clinical experience. The students had a wonderful time and we appreciate the help of the Operative Faculty, Dr. Boyd Robinson and Dr. Bob Primosch, all of whom helped provide this great learning experience to our students,” said Dr. Nascimento.