Biggest Losers Win Big!

The Biggest Loser Team ChallengeJust three months ago 56 people created 10 teams and paid dues to join the College of Dentistry’s first ever Biggest Loser Challenge. They weighed in, encouraged each other, tempted competitors, exercised, counted calories, and probably went on an occasional splurge.

On September 15, to the sounds of an improvised drum roll, Dean Teresa Dolan announced the winners during a wrap-up meeting, and congratulated everyone who was involved. In all, participants lost 322.7 pounds and 2.8% of their overall body weight – something that everyone should be proud of.

Representatives of the winning team, The Flab Busters.
Representatives of the winning team, The Flab Busters.

The winning team is the Flab Busters with 51 pounds and 6.4% of their body weight gone. The four members, Ken Anusavice, Amy Corbitt, Lynn King and Sarah Corbitt, split a $483.75 pot which represents 75% of the overall monies collected during the challenge in entry fees and fines.

The biggest individual loser is Lamar Brooks who shed 11.7% of his body weight; Lamar is donating his prize money of $161.25 as seed money for the Biggest Loser Challenge – Round Two. (For details on BLC – Round Two, see below.)

Biggest Loser Winner Lamar Brooks
Biggest Loser Winner Lamar Brooks
Several Flab Busters shared their personal tips – such as “less alcohol, less fried chicken, more fruit” – that helped lead to their victorious loss. And Lamar credited his loss-win to increasing his physical activity (mostly through yard work), fewer daily calories and lots of veggies.

Team Results:
CDBS: Community Dieters Becoming Slim, Team Captain: Bridgett Rahim-Williams
Percentage lost: 0.723%

Champions for Health, Team Captain: Sandra Watkins
Percentage lost: 2.583%

Flab Busters, Team Captain: Sarah Corbitt
Percentage lost: 6.383%

JAGators, Team Captain: Nancy Jacobson
Percentage lost: 1.568%

Jim’s Dental Divas, Team Captain: Jim Webb
Percentage lost: 2.369%

Lean Dean’s Machine, Team Captain: Mary Bennett
Percentage lost: 5.481%

Looking Good, Team Captain: Luciana Shaddox
Percentage lost: 4.539%

Opera Divas, Team Captain: Stephanie Scrambling
Percentage lost: 3.387%

Ortho Gators, Team Captain: Chris Lopez
Percentage lost: 1.320%

L.O.S.E.R.S.: Ladies Organized to Seek Excellent Results Supportively, Team Captain: Pearl Harris
Percentage lost: 1.308%

Biggest Loser Challenge – Round Two
October 13 through December 12, 2008

Although the college, collectively, weighs 322 pounds less than it did 12 weeks ago, the battle of the bulge is not over. People agreed that they want to press on with another Biggest Loser Challenge. Round Two will last only eight weeks, carrying through the Thanksgiving holiday week and then ending before the December holiday season begins.

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