Watch Acid Etch 2008 Online

Watch Acid Etch 2008 Online  “I’d like to thank the Academy… (of Alumni and Friends)!”

Who knew UFCD had such talented faculty and students? Those who attended the 2008 Acid Etch Talent and Comedy Sketch show on May 7 were treated to a variety of performances including music, dance and comedy (as well as musical comedy and comedic dancing!).

The UFCD Dental Ambassadors organized the show and raffled off prizes such as a digital camera, restaurant giftcards and a Wii to benefit the University of Florida Craniofacial Camp.

Judges Dean Teresa Dolan, Dr. Marc Gale and Sanjie Jackson (class of 2007) gave constructive and entertaining feedback to all the performers, and they had a large selection of possible winners. First place went to David Yates for “Melodious Melodrama & Music Making The Musical”; Barbara Veloz, Yulien Cruz, Orlando Milan and Barbara Llanes won second place for “La Rueda”; and Chris Page got third place for “Legion of Page.”

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