Dental faculty named 2007 teachers of the year

Each year dental students in the sophomore, junior and senior classes are asked to nominate their favorite course instructors for University of Florida Teacher of the Year Awards. The classes nominate professors for the basic and clinical sciences based on their innovation in course design and/or instruction and effectiveness in teaching.

Once the ballots were tallied this year, Karl-Johan Soderholm, L.D.S., M.Phil., Odont. Dr., a professor of materials science, and Henry A. Gremillion, D.D.S., a professor of orthodontics and director of the Parker E. Mahan Facial Pain Center, stood out as the clear winners of the college’s 2007 Teacher of the Year awards—Soderholm as the basic science teacher of the year, and Gremillion as the clinical science teacher of the year. Both were recognized during the university’s Faculty Awards Banquet in April with award plaques and checks in the amount of $2,000.

Student comments regarding each instructor gleaned from anonymous course evaluations demonstrate the impact each instructor’s integrity and commitment to dental education made on the student learning experience.
Comments regarding Soderholm included:
“He is very enthusiastic about the subject…. Also very willing to help with long study sessions and lots of availability for questions.”
“He is a library of dental knowledge.”
“Genuinely concerned for the students. He was very approachable and always available for extra help outside of class time.”
“Dr. Soderholm really challenges your logic/science skills. (His class) prepares you on how to determine what materials should be used and how to determine their validity.”

Student comments regarding Gremillion included:
“You have the best and most clear teaching/lecturing skills!”
“Excellent at letting us know what is expected and excellent at speaking and lecturing in class.”
“Dr. Gremillion sincerely cares about the students; and it shows. He’s awesome!”
“Enthusiasm. Concern for students. Knowledge.”
“He is amazing in every aspect…. It was an honor to be a part of his course.”