Acid Etch a Hit!

Acid Etch Winners - 2007UFCD Dental Ambassadors, take a bow! The Ambassadors organized the 2nd annual Acid Etch Talent and Comedy Sketch, which showcased the talents of dental students and faculty May 8 in the HPNP Auditorium. Videotaped class skits added to the fun and more than 200 people filled the auditorium to enjoy the show.

The judges, Drs. Marc Gale, Ariela Notzer and Boyd Robinson, provided witty feedback to each performer, while the repartee of MCs Maggie Novy and David Yates kept the comedic dialog buoyant. Diverse acts such as guitar performances, vocalists, piano, percussive perfect pizza-making, acts of magic and vaudevillian song and dance routines graced the stage.

The big winners at the end of the evening were Erin Smith and her Freshmen Rappers, who stole the show with their urban (or should we say “clinical”) poetry, “Floss it right, floss it right, floss it tight!” Second runner up was David Yates for his Victor Borge-like piano/comedy routine, and third runner up was Jamie Amir for his beautiful Spanish Guitar medley.

Dental Ambassadors circulated through the room selling raffle tickets for awesome prizes, and raised more than $1,000 during the event to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County.

Acid Etch videotape Part I and Part II
(Videos run best using Windows Media Player.)

A complete list of performances includes:

Miguel Martinez performing the karaoke solo, “Sweet Caroline”

David Yates, world-class pianist extraordinaire, performing the original arrangement, “Vote for Me!”

Danny Bass, percussion solo, “Two Hands, Two Feet, and A Lotta Beat!” (Most excellent, dude!)

Dr. Nick Grimaudo and Buck Tremante played guitar as Acoustic Alternative, performing “Had a bad day”

Dr. Ken Anusavice wowed the crowd with his magic show, A Seven Minute Performance

Chris Page and Ryan McAlpin strummed and drummed to a hard rock beat

Erin Smith and the Freshman Rappers performed Miss New Molar

Jamie Amir played the Spanish Guitar

Sanjie and The Deans (Drs. Dolan and Sposetti) performed as the glamorous Dreamgirls