Disability Resources

What is a disability?

A disability can be any variety of documented challenges that students face that somehow inhibits their academic performance. The Disability Resources Program (DRP) serves students who meet the following criteria:

  • The student has documented physical, medical and/or psychological conditions;
  • and A licensed professional has verified that the student needs individualized services, without which the student would be at a significant disadvantage compared to his/her peers.

Who should use Disability Resources?

  • Students with learning disabilities.
  • Students with ADD or ADHD.
  • Students with chronic health issues.
  • Students with physical and mobility issues.
  • Students with mental health related issues.
  • Students with hearning impairments.
  • Students with visual impairments.
  • Students with speech or communication relation issues.
  • Students with temporary disabilities such as orthopedic injuries.

Special testing accommodations

The College of Dentistry provides special testing accommodations for those students providing documentation. Common test accommodations include providing a scribe, a reader, extended time, quiet and separate environment, and assistive technology. Disability resources are available on campus. The Disability Resource Center is located in Room 001 Reid Hall. Students with documented physical, medical, sensory, or psychological disabilities must meet all standard COD admissions requirements. If you are admitted and require accommodations for your disability while attending UF, you must register with Disability Resources in the Dean of Students Office. A registration appointment is required, and a copy of your documentation should be brought to the appointment.

Process to document disability

  1. Students with disabilities who require accommodations should seek assistance at the Disability Resource Center, 001 Reid Hall, at 352-392-8565.
  2. Documentation should be brought to your appointment. It must be on letterhead, dated, have a diagnosis, and list recommendations for accommodations.
  3. Students are encouraged to request support services as early as possible. Intake appointment with the Disability Resources Program (DRP)
    • DRP staff member will review documentation
    • Determination of what accommodations will be provided
    • DRP staff member will share self-advocacy information and strategies
    • Students with Provisional or Temporary status will be granted accommodations for one semester
  4. DRP will file official documentation including information about the manifestations of the disability. DRP will ensure that disability-related documents are kept confidential and are shared with college personnel on a limited and need to know basis only.

Procedure to obtain special testing accommodations within the College of Dentistry

  1. Dental students with current accommodation memos must register with and present Accommodation Memos to the Coordinator of Student and Multicultural Affairs, Dr. Patty Xirau-Probert (office location D3-12), at the beginning of each term.
  2. The Coordinator of Student and Multicultural Affairs will provide the student with an Instructor Notification Form to be signed by every course director when the student present their Accommodation Memo.
  3. After submission of the completed form to the Coordinator of Student and Multicultural Affairs, the Office will arrange for the required testing accommodations. All testing accommodations are performed in a manner to protect student privacy and confidentiality. Computerized testing conditions mimic those provided in the HSC testing center using similar equipment but located in a separate testing environment in the College. Under normal circumstances, accommodated testing will occur simultaneously with the regularly scheduled block examinations. When conditions prohibit synchronous testing conditions, it will be the policy of the College to test accommodated students before their class has taken the examination, unless otherwise specified by the course director.