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Clinical Courses Syllabi – Junior Year

This clinical course information is a reference document and a guide to the successful completion of the clinical courses and in developing competency as a general dentist. To assist you in that goal, this documentation provides the departmental information and criteria that you will need to complete the clinical courses.

The clinical courses described in this Clinical Courses Information are projections and subject to change from year to year, not only in content but also in the educational and evaluation methods utilized. However, students will be notified in writing by course directors and with appropriate notice of any changes to the clinical courses described. Clinical Expectations and Competencies is a visual aid allowing students to map their own clinical and competency progress.

The College of Dentistry’s Clinic Procedure Manual contains information on clinical operations, patient treatment planning, fees, forms and related clinical administrative procedures. The College of Dentistry’s Student Handbook contains information about the dental curriculum, academic/clinical performance, academic honesty, student evaluation and other college programs and services. Direct all questions concerning clinical grading or competency evaluation to the specific course director indicated in this syllabus. The appeal of a clinical evaluation or clinical course grade must be within 5 working days from the posting or receipt of the grade (excluding holidays and school breaks.)

Professionalism in Patient Care and Practice Management
TEAM Program – Clincial Courses
Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
Operative Dentistry and Cariology
Clinical Rotation Courses
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Diagnostic Sciences
Pediatric Dentistry
Radiology 1
Hospital Dentistry
Clinical Examination I.


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