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Center for Dental Biomaterials

The Center for Dental Biomaterials concentrates on maintaining and restoring oral health for patients through materials science study and interactions.  Dental biomaterials include the natural tissues and biocompatible synthetic materials that are used to restore decayed, damaged or fractured teeth. Natural dental tissues include enamel, dentin, cementum, bone, and other intraoral tissues. Biocompatible synthetic dental material groups include metals, ceramics, polymers and composite structures.

The UFCD DBC was established by Dr K.J. Anusavice in 1996.  The graduate alumni associated with the program over the years are listed below.  Dr KJ Anusavice has contributed to the materials science knowledge as an editor for multiple editions of Phillip’s Science of Dental Materials book that has wide international use.

Current research in the UF Dental Biomaterials Center  includes:

  •  Fractography of brittle materials including all-ceramic, metal-ceramics and restorative composites
  • Resin-based composite wear and polymerization shrinkage
  • Fatigue behavior of restorative dental materials
  • Effective light curing for polymerization of resin based composite materials
  • Adhesion of resin based composites to restorative dental materials and tooth hard tissues

The Center is responsible for conducting research with an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental approach transferring basic and applied science and technology of biomaterials to students, graduate students, and faculty, as well as practicing dentists. The main educational goal of the center is to provide an advanced  knowledge of research and methodology for materials applications.

  • Knowledge of the compositional and microstructural features of preventive and restorative dental materials
  • Concepts of biocompatibility
  • Definitions and applications of the mechanical and physical properties of dental biomaterials
  • Principles of materials science  as  relate to dentistry
  • Education for the proper manipulation and application of dental materials
  • Analysis of material and structural defects relevant to  clinical failure of dental restorations and prostheses
  • Criteria for selecting materials for patient-centered clinical practice

For a listing of publications and for other biographical information, please refer to the individual websites of specific faculty or staff members.