Gale Pride Scholarship

Marc Gale, D.M.D., Professor Emeritus, UF College of Dentistry

Marc A. Gale, D.M.D.

Veteran educator creates new scholarship

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Marc A. Gale, D.M.D., wants to help level the playing field. As an educator for more than 40 years in the UF College of Dentistry, he knows all too well that dental education experience can be tough, and that students need all the support they can get. From mentoring students and helping guide some to financial resources, he has maintained a rigorous commitment over the years to easing the path for hundreds of aspiring dental professionals.

“I tried to be tough, but fair,” Gale says of his years as an associate professor of operative dentistry. “There has to be a cooperative spirit between student and instructor. I wouldn’t ask a student to do more than I was willing to do myself. I also reminded them that perfection wasn’t possible. I just wanted their very best effort, every day.”

Over the course of four decades at the college, Gale earned a reputation as an innovative teacher set upon changing the once-adversarial relationship between professor and student. He also confronted social barriers not so readily apparent. “In the mid-1980s, no one in our community was treating AIDS patients who needed dental services. I decided I would treat them. These were patients in need,” he said.

Gale first retired from the college in 2006 but subsequently returned to continue teaching several times over the years, and he also served as interim chair of the department of restorative dental sciences after his “retirement” as well. From the day the college opened through May 2016, not one dental student passed through its doors without being influenced by Gale’s passion and commitment to dental education. In May 2016, he officially retired but his dedication to the college, and to dental education and students, will never fully retire.

Today, he is determined to continue to break down barriers in a largely conservative profession, and level the playing field for LGBTQ students. Gale is stepping forward to create the first endowed scholarship at the college intended for students who, by action and advocacy, support human rights, especially those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students.

“For many years, I had considered establishing a scholarship through my estate plan that honored my mother and father,” Gale said. “However, the purpose of this scholarship is just as close to my heart, and after the tragic shooting at The Pulse (an Orlando nightclub where more than 50 people were killed by a gunman), I thought it was more important to build support for a student population frequently subjected to bias.”

The Gale Pride Scholarship will support a currently accepted or enrolled DMD student who is in good academic standing; who demonstrates through advocacy and action a clear understanding of the causes and concerns of LGBTQ students; and who is focused on being successful practitioner. Gale’s estate designation will fully endow the scholarship, and every gift added to the endowment will increase the amount available for scholarship support.


Honor Roll of Donors

Dr. Joel A. David & Mrs. Anne M. David
Dr. Yulien Cruz-Davis & Mr. Joel Cruz-Davis
Dr. Laurence A. Grayhills & Mrs. Deborah L. Grayhills
Dr. Teresa A. Dolan & Mr. Stanley H. Given
Dr. Melanie G. Halkitis
Dr. Hal I. Coe, Jr. & Mr. Mark G. Hill
Dr. Demetrick W. LeCorn
Dr. Melvin Lopez
Dr. J. Bernard Machen & Mrs. Christine Machen
Mr. Henrique Martins
Dr. Marc E. Ottenga
Dr. Gregory E. Smith
Dr. Julia R. Thaler

Scholarship Recipients

Byron Amador
Fitz Brooks
Wade Combs
Dana DeLosa
Coty Granatosky
Daniel Popper


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