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To be eligible for student loans, you must complete the required financial aid applications. Please see our guide to applying for aid for information and tips on these applications.

Borrowing money for college is a serious financial obligation. In addition to principal borrowed, interest is generally charged for use of funds. It’s important to remember when you borrow money that it must eventually be repaid. When signing a loan promissory note, you make a legal and ethical agreement. Legally, you will be required to sign the note promising to repay the loan. Ethically, you are responsible to future borrowers, since collections from old loans are a major funding source for new loans. Consider this commitment carefully when taking out a loan, and consider how much you reasonably can repay.

Federal Direct Loans

UF participates in the Federal Direct Loan Program which consists of the Federal Direct Stafford (subsidized) Loan, the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan, the Federal Direct PLUS Loan, and the Federal Direct Consolidation Loan Program. The U.S. Department of Education is the lender and, except for consolidation loans, delivers loan proceeds through the school. UF disburses the loans after loans have been processed and approved and classes have begun. When it is time for repayment, you (or your parents) will send all loan payments to the federal loan servicer.

Federal financial aid policies limit the amount students can borrow through educational loans to the Total Cost of Attendance (TCA).

For complete information about the types of Direct Loans available, interest rates, the process of obtaining loans, and repayment plans, visit the UF Student Financial Affairs website.

Other Loans

  • Florida Dental Association (FDA) Student Loan ProgramFor qualified Florida residents. Applications for post-doctoral loans will be considered only after all undergraduate loan applications have been reviewed. Loans may not exceed $15,000 per applicant, or $5,000 per year. For information contact:Chairman, Task Group on Student Loans
    Florida Dental Association
    1111 E. Tennessee Street, Suite 102
    Tallahassee, FL 32308-6914
    Telephone 1-800-877-9922
  • Senior Expense Loans
    Loans offered by private lenders to students who are in their final year of dental school. These loans can be used for Board Prep classes, travel and lodging expenses while interviewing for residency and other Board related expenses.
  • Daisy K. Tesher Loan, the UF Dental Guild
  • Loan, East Coast District Dental Society
  • Loan, Greater Hollywood Dental Society
  • Loan, Robert Wood Johnson Dental
  • Student Loan, D. L. Morrison Dental
  • Student Loan, Quad-County Dental Society
  • Loan, William and Marie Selby Dental
  • Loan, Parnell-Tillery Dental Loan, Health
  • Professions Student Loan Program
  • Loans for Disadvantaged Students

Loan Repayment Programs

The American Dental Association has compiled a list of state and federal loan repayment and forgiveness programs (pdf) for which dental graduates may be eligible.