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1.5-2 years before your expected enrollment date:

Plan your courses ahead

  • The prerequisite courses covered on the DAT should be completed by the end of the spring semester of your junior year of college.
  • At a minimum, these courses are 8 semester hours of General Biology, 8 semester hours of Inorganic Chemistry, and 8 semester hours of Organic Chemistry.
  • Be aware that the DAT covers general biology topics.
  • Note that Physics is not covered on the DAT; many pre-dental students take the required Physics courses in their senior year, after they have taken the DAT.

Make contact with your college professors

While you are in college, take the time to establish personal contacts with your professors. Remember, you are going to ask some of these instructors to write letters of recommendation for you. It is difficult for a professor who has never met you to write you an outstanding letter. Letter writing aside, having out-of-class contact with your professors enriches your college education.

1-1.5 years before your expected enrollment date:

Take the DAT early

  • Plan to take the DAT either in late spring or very early summer between your junior and senior year in college or the year you plan on submitting your application.
  • The DAT is given on computer in local testing centers across the US almost every day of the year.
  • You can apply to take the DAT at
  • Important: you must wait a minimum of 90 days to retake the DAT. If you wait too long to take the DAT, you may not be able to retake it in time to affect your application.

Apply to AADSAS

  • File an application with the American Association of Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS) in the summer a year before you plan to enroll in dental school.
  • The earlier you apply to AADSAS, the earlier your application can be reviewed by the admissions committee.
  • Applying early allows you plenty of time for the unexpected. Things like delays or lost mail, letters of recommendation that are slow in arriving, and the normal processing time at AADSAS are no big deal when you apply early; they can become a huge problem when you apply close to the deadline.

6 Months-1 year before your expected enrollment date:

Send in all parts of the formal application

Like many schools, we have a two-part application. Because a $30 application fee is required with our secondary formal application, we do not ask all applicants to complete it. Only applicants who have met our initial screening criteria are sent formal applications. Please complete it fully, paying special attention to the Florida residency information on the back of page 1. Be sure to sign this section of your application.

Prepare for your interview

If you are selected for an interview here in Gainesville, it will help relieve your anxiety if you come prepared. Know where the school is located and how long it takes to get here. We will send you maps and suggestions of places to stay with your interview invitation. Of course, you are welcome to call us and ask for additional information. Contact the Office of Admissions by phone at 352-273-5955 or email at

Make sure your application is complete before the middle of November

The admissions committee meets in November to review applications and make decisions about the entering class. Your folder needs to be complete before the admissions committee meets. If you have not taken the DAT, if your letters of recommendation have not yet been received, etc., this can affect your status. Save yourself a lot of stress and complete these things early!

December 1 is the earliest you can be notified about your acceptance

Applicants interviewed before December 1 will be notified of their status during December. This does not mean that a letter will be in your mailbox exactly on December 1. It could be several weeks before you are contacted; this should not be a cause for concern. If you are offered a position in the entering class during December, you will have 45 days to respond to us. This is done to reduce your stress and give you ample time to make a decision about your future.

All acceptances are conditional

Conditional acceptance means that you must complete all of the required parts of your application before you will be allowed to enroll in dental school. This includes:

  • Completion of a criminal background check, with results deemed favorable by UFCD
  • Completion of the Dean’s Certification Form, with results deemed favorable by UFCD
  • Completion of all of the required prerequisite courses
  • Completion of your degree program, if you are currently enrolled in one
  • Completion of the DAT with a score of 15 or higher

It is your responsibility to keep the Admissions Office informed of your completion of these requirements. You must continue to make satisfactory academic progress and remain in good conduct standing with your college or university to remain eligible to enroll.

Spring-Summer Before Your Enrollment:

Complete required paperwork we send you

After you tell us in writing (email is fine) that you have accepted our offer of a place in the entering class and send us your deposit of $200, we will start to send you information and forms to complete to allow us to admit and register you at UF. We know it is tempting to put all that boring paperwork off for some time later. Please understand that we cannot officially admit you to the university without this paperwork. If you are not officially admitted, your financial aid cannot be processed.

Consider the Summer Research Program

We will post information in the spring about our Summer Research Program for entering freshmen students. This program pays a small stipend to selected participants and allows you to work in a lab with a dental researcher on a project. A few Summer Research Program participants will be selected to present their findings in a symposium held in the fall and some students have been able to present their work at national dental meetings. It is a nice way to get acquainted with the Gainesville area and to become familiar with the dental school.

Fall Semester Orientation/Welcome to Dental School

An orientation session is held in mid-to-late August immediately preceding the start of the fall semester. This is a time for entering students to become familiar with college policies, meet their classmates and ease into life as a dental student. Orientation currently begins one week prior to the beginning of classes.