Pamela Sandow, D.M.D.

Oral & Maxillofacial Diagnostic Sciences

Oral Medicine Division

Clinical Professor
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid

Phone: 352-273-6775

  • D.M.D. University of Florida, 1986
  • Certificate AEGD, University of Florida, 1987

Main Interests

Dr. Sandow is the director of the UFCD Oral Medicine Clinic. Her specialty is the management of oral complications from cancer therapy; including chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation, and head and neck radiotherapy. Some of the oral complications that can occur after cancer therapy include dry mouth, severe tooth decay, mouth sores or infections, and jaw bone necrosis. Patients may be referred to Dr. Sandow to evaluate dental needs prior to the initiation of cancer therapy, to assist general dentists in developing dental treatment plans for compromised cancer patients after therapy, or to help manage oral complications as a result of cancer therapy. These services are offered to patients and health care providers upon request to the Oral Medicine Clinic at 352-273-6740.

Selected Publications

Books, Contributor of Chapter(s)

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Refereed Publications

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  • Oral Care of Cancer Patients, Seventh Edition, an American Cancer Society publication (professional education booklet), distributed and recognized nationally, written by Dr. Jerome P. Rothstein with contributions by Dr. Ronald A. Baughman and Dr. Pamela L. Sandow.