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College of Dentistry Checklists

These checklists should be used as coversheet and guide while completing new hires and transfers. Links to each form, as well as who is responsible for completing each form, can be found on each checklist. Once completed, the checklist and new/transfer hire paperwork should be submitted to the Dean’s office, D4-15.Stadium with clock

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Request a position reclassification

Paperwork required:

  • Instruction guide to Reclassify a Position
  • A position description update is entered in PeopleSoft
  • Send the current and proposed organizational charts to the CHR office, D4-14
  • Justification letter for pay increase (if applicable)

Request a special pay increase (SPI)

Paperwork required:

  • A position description update is drafted with all changes listed in “track changes” and submitted to the CHR office, D4-14, with all required paperwork listed below
  • Follow the instruction guide to Update a Position and initiate workflow
  • Current and proposed (if applicable) organizational charts to the CHR office
  • SPI form with appropriate signatures to the CHR office
  • Justification letter for pay increase (if applicable)
  • This request must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, Department Chair, Dean, Senior VP of Health Affairs and VP of the Office of Human Resource Services
  • Once approved at all levels, an ePAF form is entered by the dean’s office, effective the date the vice president of human resources approves the SPI form