Shared Governance Task Force Committee

Committee Members
Name Role
Dr. Clay Walker Chair
Donald Cohen
Matthew Dennis
Arthur Nimmo
Marc Ottenga
Roberta Pileggi
Pamela Sandow
Henrietta Logan
Mary Bennett Support staff

Initial Charge

Dr. Dolan has requested the formation of a faculty task force to review shared governance in the College of Dentistry. The pending formation of the new Department of Restorative Dental Sciences prompted a review of the current and future shared governance structure in the college. The charge of the task force is to include but is not limited to: representation on the college’s Executive Advisory Board and other issues such as faculty committee composition, decision/appeal mechanisms, and roles and responsibilities of the administration and faculty.

Schedule of Meetings

Date Room Agenda Final Minutes Attachments
May 31, 2011 D4-16 N/A N/A View
April 12, 2011 D4-16 View View View
March 29, 2011 D4-16 View View N/A
January 25, 2011 D4-16 N/A View N/A
December 20, 2010 D4-16 N/A View View
November 17, 2010 D4-16 N/A View N/A
November 3, 2010 D4-16 N/A View View
October 12, 2010 D9-10 N/A View N/A
October 6, 2010 D4-16 View View N/A
September 8, 2010 D9-11 N/A View N/A
August 25, 2010 D4-16 N/A N/A N/A
August 11, 2010 D4-16 View View View
July 28, 2010 D4-16 View View N/A
July 14, 2010 D4-16 View View N/A
June 30, 2010 D4-16 N/A View N/A
June 8, 2010 D4-16 View View View

Background Materials

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