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Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

University of Florida Regulations and Policies page.

UF College of Dentistry Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Academic Affairs
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Advanced Standing Policy Dr. Roberta Pileggi November 2003 November 2012
Competencies for the New Dental Graduate Gail Childs October 1999 September 2015
Curriculum Management Plan Gail Childs September 2007 May 2014
FERPA Training / Training for the College of Dentistry Dr. Venita Sposetti July 2005 September 2015
Advanced and Graduate Part Time Enrollment Policy Dr. Roberta Pileggi November 2003
Student Handbook Dr. Venita Sposetti  August 1972 April  2015
Administration/UFCD Operations
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) Charles Lesch February 2006 March 2008
Conflict of Interest
Dr. Carol Stewart June 2009 July 2014
Diversity Statement Dr. Patty Xirau-Probert July 2002  May 2015
Departmental Tropical Weather Response & Recovery Plan Dr. Carol Stewart Charles Lesch June 2012
Faculty Practice
Jean M. Sweitzer
Identity Theft Red Flag Policy (6.14) Dr. Carol Stewart July 2009
International Activities Checklist Kathy Galloway  May 2013
Internship Program Policy Lynn King September 2010  September 2015
Preceptorship Program Policy Lynn King March 2011 September 2015
Policy Development and Maintenance Amanda Phelps June 2008 September 2015
Renovation/Minor Construction Approval Form Jean M. Sweitzer October 2012 September 2015

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Clinical Affairs/Financial
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Patient Account Adjustments Jean M. Sweitzer June 2007  September 2015
Patient Billing CyclePatient Billing Cycle Flowchart Jean M. Sweitzer April 2008  September 2015
Payment Slip Procedure Jean M. Sweitzer October 2007  September 2015
Professional Fee Compliance Policy Dr. Carol Stewart August 2007  September 2015

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Clinical Affairs/Operations
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Accounting of Protected Health Information (PHI) and the Disclosure Tracking System Dr. Carol Stewart May 2008  June 2015
Clinical Procedure Manual  Dr. Carol Stewart  June 2015
Unapproved Treatments Jean M. Sweitzer March 2008  September 2015
Patient Rights and Responsibilities Dr. Carol Stewart  July 2015
Quality Assurance and Compliance Manual  Dr. Carol Stewart  February 2014
Teaching Permit Policy Dr. Carol Stewart January 2010  June 2014

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Faculty Practice Clinics
Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule David R. Roque April 2009 September 2015

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Faculty Associates, Inc. (“FAI”)
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Academic Enrichment Fund (AEF) Expenditure Policy Jean M. Sweitzer October 2007
AEF Account Reserve Policy Jean M. Sweitzer April  2007 September 2015
AEF Assessments Jean M. Sweitzer May 2007 September 2015
AEF Sterilization Assessment Jean M. Sweitzer April 2007 September 2015
Changes in Faculty Practice Participation Jean M. Sweitzer January 2007 September 2015
Internal Collections Policy Jim Wold September 2015
Reconciliation of Accounts Jean M. Sweitzer January 2008 September 2015

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Human Resources
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Guidelines for Appointment as Research Assistant Professors Dr. Clay Walker November 2011
Attendance Policy Amanda Phelps October 2006 May 2015
CDE Courtesy Discount Policy Lynn King January 2007 September 2015
Code of Conduct Amanda Phelps September 2007 June 2015
Community Service Activity Policy Amanda Phelps October 2010 September 2015
Criteria for Determining Faculty Merit Raises Amanda Phelps April 2007 July 2015
Disclosure of Outside Activities Amanda Phelps October 2005 June 2015
Flex Time Policy Amanda Phelps August 2008 April 2015
Key Request & Distribution Policy

Amanda Phelps December 2011 April 2015
Organizational Chart Policy

Amanda Phelps May 2006 April 2015
Payroll Cycle Responsibilities Amanda Phelps August 2007 December 2011
Payroll Distribution Policy

Amanda Phelps June 2012 September 2015
Search and Selection Guidelines for Faculty Recruitment Amanda Phelps December 2006 June 2016

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Information Technology
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Academic Health Center IT
UF Computing Help Desk
Classroom and Conference Room Information and Support Gail Childs August 2007  September 2015

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Research Administration
Policy Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Guidelines for Bridge Funding Policy (6.13) Dr. Robert Burne November 2007 April 2015
Renovation of Research Space Policy (6.07) Dr. Robert Burne January 2003 April 2015
Research Salary Support Incentive Policy (4.19) Dr. Robert Burne December 2008 August 2014
Salary Effort, Indirect Cost and Cost Sharing Policy (4.22) Kathy Galloway July 2008 August 2014

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Best Practices
Title/Link Contact Approved Updated
Best Practices for Classroom Teaching and Student Evaluation in the DMD Educational Program Dr. Venita Sposetti July 2008 February 2013
Best Practices for Conducting Peer Review Peer Review Forms:

Dr. Clay Walker

April 2011

  • April 2011
  • April 2011
  • April 2011
Recommendations for New Centers

Dr. David Culp

March 2008

  • March 2008

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